Glass Wealth Planning offers straight shooting investment advice for motivated individuals who want control of their financial future. Our advice covers Super, insurance, investing and SMSFs. Even if you do not feel you're in a position to start building wealth, we can assist with budgeting and debt management using the latest apps that will keep you on track.

By working with the best Fund Managers, those who we handpick and use ourselves personally, you can be rest assured your precious investments are in good hands. Moreover, to ensure your path to financial freedom is not derailed, our financial adviser can help set you up with the right insurances, such as income or trauma protection, so your income continues even if you’re unable to work temporarily. Our clients who seek to invest in property rather than stocks benefit from our assistance in establishment of an SMSF. Whatever your needs, we become your money concierge, taking care of any actions required to put you in the best possible position now, for the future.

"The next ten years is going to present rapid disruption and changes to the way we view opportunity, all of which will require a strategic approach to your take you forward when others may go backwards."

— Ben Parker, Principle Financial Planner

Many people think they don't have enough money to start an investment portfolio, or don't have surplus to allow them to build one gradually over time. In our experience, these are usually barriers in the individuals mind rather than the reality of their situation and ability to become a savvy investor.

What would you do with a passive income? Imagine having a side income that accumulated without any effort or time demands from yourself. That’s the beauty of a passive income, and it can make a huge difference to how you live and enjoy your life. We asked people, what would you do if you had a passive income?

Glass Wealth Planning Brisbane uses some of Australia's best Fund Managers, and undertakes deep research to devise the best possible portfolio for you. Our care for your Super or investments goes beyond what a standard Industry Fund can offer. It's the difference between a scatter-gun and a targeted approach. It's also the difference between  a set and forget approach, and one where your investments are monitored and adjusted within the context of macro-economic moves and volatility.

We receive great satisfaction from working with individuals who are in their twenties and thirties, who if take the right action now, will reap the rewards in their mid forties. However, starting at any age is better than not starting at all. Modern day living is stressful enough…don’t burden yourself with financial worry as well.

"The best thing you can do is start building a passive income. A passive income, whether that be through stock dividends, rental income, or a side gig, is the secret to building wealth. Most people will really struggle to find financial freedom through their salary alone."

— Glass Wealth Planning

Goals are important, and should be considered at the starting point. Thinking about what your goals are may feel like a challenge, but it's actually a very important step, as goals set us up for action, which in turn produces results. Here are some of the goals that our clients identify which give them the motivation to make their wealth strategy a priority.

Paying off my mortgage and becoming debt free
Being able to travel, take holidays when I want to, and eat out without feeling guilty
Being in a position to work because I want to, not because I have to

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