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There’s no one right answer to where you should start when looking into investment options. If you’re looking for bright, innovative minds to inspire you to start looking into trading and investments in today’s hot market, there are many amazing and inspirational veterans whose knowledge you can tap into.


However, there are a few masters of the industry that stand out, and their websites feature high-quality content that will get you motivated and confident to start working toward your own investments in the future. That’s where RealVision and Hedgeye come in to play.


RealVision – A different kind of Financial Television


RealVision, founded by Raoul Pal and Grant Williams, is essentially a toolbox filled to the brim with content developed specifically for people looking to learn about the market, gain insights into trading secrets, and hear on a regular basis insights from industry experts on the global macro investment environment. On a weekly basis, you can listen to interviews with market leaders, watch targeted videos on industry content and actual trade ideas, and read hundreds of articles that will get you started on your investment pathway. It’s like Netflix for the financial world, where you can pick whichever channel you’re most interested in, on any financial topic you can think of.


The founders started the site with the goal of providing anyone, including the average reader with no investment experience, with the ability to find out for themselves how the market works, and how to break into it. They wanted to provide an alternative to the mainstream financial media that treats investing as financial entertainment, providing three minute sound bites, with little detail and little care for investors savings. They saw the industry not treating those keen to invest correctly and not providing the right advice –  a dangerous combination. This was best illustrated, they say, by what happened in 2008, the financial crisis. Although television was cheerleading the stock market even during the height of the crisis, those talking about the problems with the US mortgage markets and securitization of the system received no airtime – presumably because these views weren’t titillating or sexy enough for mainstream media, nor would I encourage people to jump in a buy stocks – quite the opposite. 


Mainstream media doesn’t care says Pal & Williams, they are there to sell advertising. Media doesn’t care about an individual’s finances and what there trying to achieve. They are not there to provide an opposing view, nor do they allow people to sit down and discuss the topics that really matter at length and in-depth. If you were to meet an expert like Kyle Bass from Hayman Capital in the street and sat down with him for a chat, you don’t want 3 minutes – you want an hour at least to delve deep into his thinking and his process without any agenda.  RealVision gathers the industry’s smartest minds in finance in search of the truth. They are all available to you on the site, making it easy to tap into their immense knowledge and years of experience in the field and apply it to your own situation.


Hedgeye – Democratising research for the many


Hedgeye, similar in approach to RealVision, is a platform that has provided international insight into the global and local markets for ten years. Hedgeye offers news feeds where you can pick and choose from the financial topics you’re most interested in following. Hedgeye’s whole driving force has been setting out to create the research that investors really want…‘the truth’. Similarly to RealVision, the team at Hedgeye could see the obfuscation of mainstream medias reporting of the 2008 global debt crisis and were determined to provide a clearer non bias, non-conflicted alternative. 


Hedgeye observed the mainstream financial medias conflict of interest leading up to the event as the biggest deception on Wall Street, individual investors were left like lambs to the slaughter. When it came to objective or perhaps negative outcalls on the economic and investment environment the media were silent, fronting their own narrative which convinced the average investor of a one sided story that all was fine, keep investing.  Hedgeye call things for what they are, good, bad or ugly.  They draw from experienced contributors producing some of the world’s best content at the highest level.  Democratising research for the many, creating a true alternative to ‘Old Wall Media’.


Hedgeye offers macro-economic news detailing what’s happening across the world and how it can affect you, news about the global macro point of view, stocks across every market – retail, internet, restaurants, and financials, and videos that break down the barriers that exist for the average person trying to understand the financial market. A big benefit for the first time investor is the way the site breaks down and organises the content into logical categories that really aids in understanding. To enable even more diverse research, in 2016 Hedgeye strategically moved into policy research with the acquisition of Potomac Research Group to better understand the what was happening in Washington and predict the impact of policy activity on companies, industries and ultimately the overall impact on their subscribers portfolios.


And, like RealVision, its founder, Keith McCullough, started the site with the goal of creating a place where anyone and everyone would be able to understand the world of Wall Street, a place where industry experts could lend a hand in helping people navigate their way through the complicated world of trading and bank deals. It’s a valuable resource for those first starting, and those who are already familiar with the market.


It’s a place where constant news and updates from the industry flow in, so readers are always up to date on what’s happening in the world of finance.





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