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Modern Portfolio Theory_Glass Wealth Planning_Brisbane Newstead
Suppose you’re exploring a large city that you’ve never previously visited or you’re hiking a wilderness area for the first time. Would it be better to take with you an inaccurate map or no map at all. That’s the question raised by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book Silent Risk. We tackle the question, is modern portfolio theory creating lazy Financial Advisers, unknowingly investing their clients with additional risk. Many investment advisers use an inaccurate
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Financial Media that matters There’s no one right answer to where you should start when looking into investment options. If you’re looking for bright, innovative minds to inspire you to start looking into trading and investments in today’s hot market, there are many amazing and inspirational veterans whose knowledge you can tap into.   However, there are a few masters of the industry that stand out, and their websites feature high-quality content that will get
6 ways to better manage your spending._Where money goes to heavan_Glass Wealth Planning
Your money goes to heaven – How to combat unnecessary spending. For many people, financial struggles are due to them not bringing in enough money, for others the problem comes from not wisely spending the money that they do make. Arguably that might be everybody’s problem. In this article, we take a look at 6 ways you can start better handling the money that you earn in order to help you reach your financial goals.
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Saving for your first home is probably the most rewarding feeling and one of the first truly uplifting financial goals you will ever work on. It’s akin to climbing a mountain, its a lot of work but it is possible and once you’re there the hurt doesn’t feel that bad in hindsight. If you are just starting out saving for your deposit, or thinking about how to tackle this, we assure you, if put the
Glass Steagall Introduced into Austrlian Parliment Bob Katter June 2018
Picture the 1920’s. The stock market is booming, people are drinking champagne and things are going great. Roads and high-rise developments are being built, speculation is commonplace, people borrow money and pump it into stocks…eventually, the good times end. Glass Steagall could be introduced into Australia, are the big banks, a big risk, no more? Big Banks, Big Risk no more? Apart from the party ending, this sounds remarkably familiar to our current day circumstances here