Firstly, the elephant in the room. Finance is and has always been dominated by males. Yet there have been many wonderful women in some of the most powerful financial positions and institutions, who perhaps haven’t been given the spot light they deserve.

So if you are looking for financial guidance or education, and seek a balance of technical information and personal opinion, we believe the following 3 women should be your go-to for understanding Financial Markets, investing or just education on how money works.

Lynette Zang

Gold, Silver & Community

Lynette is the chief market analyst at ITM Trading. She produces high quality financial content multiple times a week, posting most of her content on YouTube. Lynette has many years experience in finance and is all-over technical analysis, bringing it to her audience in a way that makes it relevant and easy to absorb.

  • Lynette seeks to identify patterns that precipitate change, and often comes up with some pretty powerful insights.
  • She’s also a big advocate of looking at alternative investments to protect your money and its purchasing power.
  • Her insights provide some of the best illustrations of inflation and how it’s robbing you of your hard earnt purchasing power

If you have heard of inflation but have never quite understood how it works, head over to one of Lynette’s videos where she illustrates an easy to digest framework. Believe me when I say you’ll feel well educated afterwards.

Lynette’s also an avid Gold and Silver precious metals investor, and believes everyone should hold some as insurance against inflation and security in the event of fiat currency disruption or even worse, a collapse.

Listening to her Q&A sessions shows the depth of this woman’s knowledge – she is a bold educated woman well worth following for financial expertise!


Danielle DiMartino Booth

Where the markets & economy are really headed

An advocate for the everyday working American, Danielle encourages financial literacy for those she believes have been left behind by a financial system maligned toward propping up the wealthy. Danielle earned her credentials in finance and international business, started her career at Credit Suisse, and after many years moved to Dallas to become a financial reporter for the Dallas Morning News. There, Danielle was discovered by the Dallas Federal Reserve where she worked as an Adviser under the then head Richard Fisher.

A Global thought leader on economic and monetary policy, and author and publisher of two weekly research letters Money Strong and The Daily Feather, Danielle has brought a wonderful balance of research and critical analysis of the policies implemented by the US Federal Reserve in their pursuit of trickle-down economics. Her conclusion? This lifts the wealth effect for the wealthy while causing the demise of the working middle class.

Her recent book – Fed Up, in which Danielle dedicates it to ‘every hardworking American who wakes up in the morning asking themselves what went wrong’, she pulls apart the internal workings of the US Federal Reserve and how policy makers fundamentally made poor decisions that punished hard working people, savers and has ultimately encouraged people to take on too much risk and debt.

Danielle pulls no punches and is a must to follow for non-bias education on how money works within the current financial system.


Dr Pippa Malmgren

Everyday Signs Can Help Us Navigate the World’s Turbulent Economy

A well respected Financial expert, Pippa is also author and the co-founder of an artificial intelligence robotics company.

Pippa is a go to for the most up to date information on the future blend of technology and finance. A regular contributor to Real Vision Television and Hedgeye TV, Pippa sees us entering a new dimension of reality when it comes to technology.

Pippa views what has been happening with China’s ‘social credit system’ as the future for most countries. Our future?…A system where such simple things like a speeding ticket can have an impact on other areas of ones life – like a credit score or even UBER rating.

In a contrarian view to the consensus, Pippa sees the advancement of automation and robotics as an enhancer of jobs and opportunities, rather seeing robots taking our jobs, pushing us into a universal social income system.

Pippa is a vast resource of information which can be accessed through her many interviews, research papers and her recent book ‘Signals’. Check her out.

This is just a snapshot of some of the smartest females in the Finance space. Track them down…you won’t regret it. If you would like to know about additional female experts to expand your knowledge even further contact us, and we’ll be happy to share.


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